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“Car of the Year 2020” award ceremony

For two consecutive years, IROAD has been awarded “Car Camera of the Year” by Automobile magazine Hong Kong in their year-end “Car of the Year 2020” award ceremony.

Not only did IROAD excel in popularity in the dash camera category, the Automobile also awarded IROAD with their 30th anniversary special award for esteemed partner……


Jaewoncnc announced on April 10 the launch of IROAD N10, to feature full HD front/rear cameras.
IROAD N10 is Full HD 2 channel dashcam comes high image sensor to make more clear and brighter for night time recording. Also, for day time recording, it minimizes blurring to provide higher quality recording……

IROAD, The Winner of Red dot Award 2020

Jaewoncnc announced that the IROAD X10 product won in the German Red dot Design Award Product Design.
The Red dot Design Awards is an international competition hosted by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany that assesses innovation, aesthetics, and usability from 1995. It is considered as one of the top 3 global design awards along with the “IDEA Design Award’ in the United States and the ‘iF Design Award” in Germany……


Jaewoncnc announced the launch of IROAD X10, to feature high quality 4K UHD dashcam.

IROAD X10 comes 4K UHD for front camera and FHD for rear camera. It offers 9 times more pixels than HD and offers 2.25 times more pixels than QHD.

IROAD X10 supports large capacity memory of up to 1TB and comes X-vision for recording clear video in any low light situation. Also, Time lapse function is added. It supports efficient memory usage efficient memory usage and provides extremely longer recording time……

JAEWONCNC IROAD participated Automechanika 2020 Riyadh for Middle East Market

Jaewoncnc IROAD participated in the Automechanika 2020 Riyadh exhibition in Saudi Arabia. It is a global exhibition joining not only in Saudi Arabia, but also neighboring in Middle East and Europe, as well as Africa and Asia.

Jaewoncnc IROAD tried to target the global market with various models and high quality 4K UHD ‘IROAD X10’ products which is based on high temperature resistant product……