Parksafe Group has been recently appointed as the official distributor of IROAD dash cameras in the United Kingdom, under the name IROAD UK.

“As a leading automotive product supplier with over 30 years’ experience, Parksafe Group’s vision is simple – to provide security and safety solutions to thousands of British drivers – by offering high performing, reliable driver recorder systems using state of the art dash cam security.”

Establishing a partnership with IROAD certainly falls in line with this vision.

With a strong presence both online and offline, IROAD UK has begun their activity in full force by launching the latest IROAD FX Series dash cams on the UK market at the end of October.

You can get in contact with IROAD UK through the following channels:



Facebook: IROAD UK

Instagram: @iroaduk


Phone: 01773 746591

In July 2022, JAEWONCNC officially announced the release of their latest dash cam model – IROAD FX2 – a 2-channel front & rear FHD dash cam.

FX2 differentiates itself in several ways from the current X Series dash cam models, showing the company’s continuous efforts to improve and diversify its products.

On March 27th 2022, IROAD India officially launched the IROAD Brand and the IROAD X5 dash cam at Ford’s “ECOS CLUB Maniac” Meetup in Kochi.

The event is the largest Ford EcoSport car owners’ meetup in not only all of India, but the whole world, gathering close to 250 Ford EcoSport owners and their cars this year.

IROAD India was also one of the main sponsors of this event, successfully making the IROAD brand known and promoting the high-quality IROAD dash cams to the public in attendance.

In September 2021, Jaewoncnc announced the launch of the new X series model – IROAD X11 – a QHD Dual Channel recording dash cam.

IROAD X11 comes with both front and rear cameras capable of recording in QHD resolution at 30fps, offering 4 times the definition of the standard HD. Both cameras are also equipped with 5-Megapixel SONY STARVIS Sensors, allowing for recording of top quality footage and sharp, clear images at day and especially at night…..

In April 2021, Jaewoncnc announced its first Interior Infrared dash cam, specifically designed for interior recording.
The IROAD IR camera films in FHD (1920x1080p) at 30fps and has a wide viewing angle of 140°.

Thanks to its 850nm infrared lights, the camera can record clear images of the poorly lit car interior……