JAWONCNC, IROAD in car camera manufacturer, has launched the “IROAD CP” which has a HD IP CCTV Home security camera.
It provides real time high resolution image monitoring day and night at any time and enables a remote control function by smart phone, tablet or PC etc.

“IROAD CP” has improved on the weaknesses of existing CCTVs. Easy installation and use, as well as outstanding functions and high resolution wide angle images are its strong points, needleless to say, price is reasonable as well.

“IROAD CP” enables 100MPIXEL(1280×720p) high resolution image recording, real time streaming of image and surveillance. All of this may be controlled control by PC, smart phone app (android, iOS) at anytime, anywhere.

In addition, the user can freely control the camera across 360 degrees for surveillance and maximum 5 times zoom-in. Simultaneous monitoring with multiple smart phones enables and a maximum of 64 cameras to be accessed via PC viewer.

“IROAD CP” is capable of more than 480 hours of recoding with 64GB SD card.

“IROAD CP” is embedded with 16 infrared light LEDs, which allows the lens to record at night even under no light circumstance, and clear recoding of images is enabled day and night even in dark places via IR-CUT filter. In the event of a trespasser detected via the movement detection sensor, a warning sound and alarm message will be sent to the user’s phone and email, as well as a snap picture including date and time of the incident

Checking going-on in your whole house all the time when it comes to, children staying at home alone, baby sitter taking care of babies, caring of pets or the elderly, parents who live in remote places, trespasser in a house and so on. The availability of two way communication via embedded microphone and speaker further able to boost up the efficiency of business for people who manage shops.

“IROAD CP” comes with an exclusive stand which can be installed on ceilings and walls which can be installed at any place in accordance to the usage of the camera. It is also easy to set. The user only needs to scan the QR code on the button of the product, and this is easy even for beginners.

David Han, CEO of JEAWONCNC stated “IROAD is one of the first generation car camera companies and will launch a full HD high-resolution, high-flame home CCTV throughout the knowhow and technologies which IROAD has acquired and developed over the years. The necessity of home CCTV is growing with the increase in crime rate. IROAD CP lightens the burden of installation with its easy installation so that anyone can enjoy a safe environment.”