Unceasing strive based on faith and creativity.

IROAD MOBILITY aims to be a global leader in automotive infotainment systems, which leads the automotive culture.

Along with the advancement of in-vehicle infotainment technology, IROAD has grown into a leading domestic and international brand.

IROAD MOBILITY is now preparing for a bigger leap forward from a specialized field to a global company.

We will cultivate talented professionals who have a professional and community consciousness based on creative thinking, and will respond head-on to the trend of the times beyond the automobile industry.

IROAD MOBILITY will lead a more convenient and smart world with more advanced technologies and ideals.



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IROAD Singapore

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IROAD Hongkong

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IROAD Malaysia

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Business area

Automotive Human-Machin Interface


Global Leader! Cutting-edge Technology

IROAD is a luxury brand in Dash Camera that combines video technology and smart functions that have been constantly developed since the early days. We are proud of ourselves on producing high quality products with domestic and international certifications.

Connected Car

Will be the standard of the upcoming IOT future

It controls remote vehicles with smartphone and analyzes the information needed for vehicle management by receiving the location and operation information of the car through the mobile communication network. Smart devices can be connected to the vehicle via wire/wireless channels for control and monitoring as well as online services through applications.

Windows Film


IVIS Window Film Field is the world class film that has been best researchers with technical skill for more than 20 years and completed advanced technology. The proven quality and after-sales service, which is based on IROAD’s strict quality standards, provide premium value tousers of the IVIS film.


Car Accessory & Mobile communication (LG U+)

We will invest and research to develop the automotive supplies industry,
and we want to make never-ending innovations for our customers

LG U+’s vision is “New Life Creator” that realizes new life values that
adds to life comfort and happiness of customers.

Research Center

Excellent workforce with an average of 10 years of R&D experience and The HW and SW research staff are evenly deployed and have been working on the same team for more than 5 years.

Philosophy of institute operating

Lead and gain competitive edge in the market through innovative product development

Communication with the market

Will develop innovative products that will lead the market with customer’s opinions

Quality Management

Will satisfy and impress customers with excellent product quality

Securing development technology

Will lead the technology trend, secure and cultivate excellent talent, and will build a foundation for future growth.

Intellectual property

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20-0457138-00-00 Vibration-free Heat Radiation Apparatus for Cooling Chipset
20-0463271-00-00 Gender for Charging Battery of Portable Equipment and Transmitting and Receiving Data Between Portable Equipments




The safety and integrity of product for customers we provide is our highest priority. EPGlobal has an aim to focus on clear and safe global distribution for maintaining the best brand reputation constantly. EPGlobal distribute products to the global partners round world in order to stable and reliable supply to end users. All of IROAD products managed from EPGlobal and global product protection team of EPGlobal analyzes our global supply chain that look for weak points and identify opportunities to improve the possibility of correct product use and protect the right of product owner.