Smart air purifier with Mobile application

With class H12 hepa filter, outstanding air purification

3 step purification mode,
convenience in automatic mode

Class H12
3 layers filter

On dedicated mobile application,
easy to manage the device

Automatic Filter

Breakthrough design
with cup holder

3 step air purification mode and LED status
hazardous gas ventilation warning notification

It operates in automatic mode at the same time as the power supply, and automatic mode depends on the pollution condition. It purifies the air effectively by adjusting the wind speed in three-stage, from low to mid to high.

You can also see the current air condition in BLUE to YELLOW to RED 3 colors in real-time. It automatically detects organic compounds to prevent drowsiness through ventilation alerts.

With class H12 HEPA 3 layers filter,
perfect air purification

iair Pro is equipped with a concentrated triple filter that filters out 2.5㎛ (PM2.5) ultrafine dust up to 99.81%. Purifying the polluted air of ultrafine dust, toxic chemicals and hazardous gases.

99.81% can be reduced in real-life vehicles as a result of laboratory research from authorized agencies (Korea Institute of Production Technology).

Super precision dual sensor helps purify
air pollution by self-determination.

Diagnose ultrafine dust pollution in real-time and automatically adjust the amount of air purified.
Check the organic compounds to prevent drowsiness through ventilation notifications when the concentration increases.

Managing device with dedicated mobile application

Dedicated application enables by Bluetooth, allowing users to manage the device and check on the status of the air pollution information.

With a low noise motor and a swirling fan, rapid air purification capacity

Quiet and powerful with a low noise (up to 64 dB) motor!
A motor of 4000 RPM draws / purifies a large amount of air,
resulting in a rapid discharge of clean air

Innovative design with up to three additional cup stands

IROAD iair Pro package includes a cup holder that is expandable up to three. Don’t worry about where to install air purifier for vehicle.
A cup holder and a cup stand included in IROAD iAir package.

It is also available at home with iair Pro Home KIT.

iair Pro can be used in small rooms, bathrooms, table etc. with a home AC adapter as well as in cars.
When selecting IAir Pro Home KIT, home AC adaptor is provided instead of cup holder, stand and cigar power cable.

Secure with EM authentication 
and vendor compliance authentication

IROAD iair PRO is a product that has passed both EM certification and vendor compliance certifications. Electromagnetic devices installed in the vehicle and in the home can cause problems with other electronic devices if they generate electromagnetic waves.

iair PRO is a reliable product that has been verified by KC certification.

99.81% filter filtration report certified
and tested by a recognized authority

The triple filter, mounted on IROAD iAir Pro, passes through a carbon filter that filters out thick dust, organic compounds, and hazardous gases, and finally removes ultrafine dust of less than 2.5 μm (PM2.5) and purifies it into pure air.

99.81% can be reduced in real-life vehicles as a result of laboratory results from authorized agencies (Korea Institute of Production Technology).


Product Car Air Purifier Model IROAD iair pro
Rated Power DC 12V/24V, 1A Power Consumption L 0.9W / M 1.8W / H 3.8W
Filter 3 Layers Filter Weight 0.42kg
Dimension 112x112x136mm Maximum Noise Level 64dB(A)
Color Black or White Minimum Noise Level 32dB(A)
Manufacturer JAEWONCNC.CO.,LTD Country of Origin South Korea