In March 2023, JAEWONCNC officially announced the release of their latest dash cam model – IROAD QX2 – a 2-channel front QHD & rear FHD dash cam.

QX2’s release comes to complement FX2’s release of last year, adding a higher tier model to the new generation of IROAD dash cameras through the higher resolution recording (front QHD) and the use of Sony STARVIS Image Sensors on both the front and rear cameras.

In July 2022, JAEWONCNC officially announced the release of their latest dash cam model – IROAD FX2 – a 2-channel front & rear FHD dash cam.

FX2 differentiates itself in several ways from the current X Series dash cam models, showing the company’s continuous efforts to improve and diversify its products.

Jaewoncnc announced the launch of IROAD X10, to feature high quality 4K UHD dashcam.

IROAD X10 comes 4K UHD for front camera and FHD for rear camera. It offers 9 times more pixels than HD and offers 2.25 times more pixels than QHD.

IROAD X10 supports large capacity memory of up to 1TB and comes X-vision for recording clear video in any low light situation. Also, Time lapse function is added. It supports efficient memory usage efficient memory usage and provides extremely longer recording time……

JAEWONCNC launched the new 2CH model “IROAD N9F” with FHD / HD quality on the 24th.

IROAD N9F stores 30 fps of high-definition video FHD / HD. In addition, it is equipped with a high-performance sensor, stable recording, and night vision that guarantee high-quality video at night……

As known as dash cam expert JAEWONCNC Co., Ltd. newly introduces their new model “IROAD X5” to the market which is FHD, front and rear, dual channel dash cam on 22 March, 2019.

Front 1920 * Rear 1080 Full HD high resolution and 30 frames that…..